Air Quality Monitoring

Modular and automated monitoring equipment can be utilized when monitoring for VOCs and particulates, to rule out user error. Access to real-time information also allows us to quickly differentiate construction impacts from issues unrelated to the project, often without the need for a site investigation. This uniquely allows us to avoid costly and unnecessary delays and potential work stoppages, yet ensures that air quality is maintained at all times.

Deformation Monitoring

Using automated survey instruments deployed in single or network configurations, we have demonstrated effective monitoring and detection of building, shoring, and utility deformation with geodetic level precision. Large civil construction projects often span large areas and have inherent challenges related to the changing construction environment and operation of equipment inside of the zone of influence of excavation, tunneling, and dewatering.

Geotechnical Instrumentation

Benefits of our Geotechnical Monitoring solutions include:

  • Integrated solutions - Provide integrated monitoring solutions for geotechnical applications using every available technology on the market, including fiber-optic, vibrating wire, MEMs, radar, InSAR, and GPS
  • Initial site assessment - Provide instrumentation that allows for the comprehensive evaluation of site conditions during the design phase of a project
  • Construction Safety - Protect workers, equipment and nearby infrastructure - including building, railways, and utilities
  • Reduce Construction Costs - Provide quantitative data that promotes design-cost optimization during construction
  • Long-term performance verification - Integrated systems provide long-term health monitoring of structures, adding value for owners long after construction is completed

Ground Monitoring Survey

Using precision shape accel arrays integrated with surface mounted survey reflectors, we can deliver a complete monitoring solution that ties surface and sub-surface monitoring into a single cohesive system.This approach provides a completely automated solution for ground subsidence and deflection in challenging and inaccessible locations common to construction projects in urban environments.

Groundwater Monitoring

Our solutions-based Monitoring Services group offers you technical skills in assessing groundwater monitoring networks and deploying industry-tested groundwater instrumentation and water well technologies.
Our team can:

  • Plan groundwater monitoring networks - Optimizing the placement and number of monitoring and pumping wells
  • Deploy monitoring wells - Assessing and installing well technologies for long-term monitoring of water levels and quality
  • Collect data and analysis - Field-scale data collection and advanced aqueous geochemical analysis
  • Report - Automated reporting of monitoring network performance and compliance with regulatory guidelines

High Definition Scanning

We can provide advanced terrestrial 3D laser scanning services which include data collection for Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation; deformation studies; in-situ assessment of tunnels, roads, bridges and other infrastructure; and pre- and post-condition surveys for heavy civil construction. Together with photo documentation, high-definition scanning provides a comprehensive and defensible pre-condition survey of structures potentially impacted by demolition and construction activities.

High Rise Survey

Precise vertical alignment of high rise structures is a challenging survey problem. Due to the nature of dynamically moving structures, without access to directly measure ground control when surveying placement of core wall forming systems pre-and post-pour - a high level of accuracy is a costly and labor intensive process. Using integrated GPS sensors, our survey methods provide a 30 - 50% increase in productivity and precise results, regardless of the height of the structure.

Precision Survey

We use precision robotic instruments and efficiency enhancing software and survey practices. Data collected is uploaded to our data management service for immediate reporting and presentation. Our experience includes: Construction as-built, Staking, Primary survey control, Terrain Mapping, Aerial LiDAR, Track and tunnel alignment verification.

Pre/Post Construction Inspection

In 2015 we acquired a proprietary software, Construction Photo Docs. Through the utilization of advanced reporting and visualization software, we can document and report existing conditions of structures adjacent to construction unparalleled to its competition. This online portal allows the client to interact with their content in an incredibly simple thorough way. If needed, our customers can review progress documentation as the job moves forward with ease.

Pre-Pour Documentation

Our clients have referred to our slab and deck documentations as the “best they’ve ever seen”, a “must-have” and “a clear time and money saver”. These photos remove the guess work and dramatically reduce the risk associated with issues discovered after concrete has been placed.

Reflectorless Surface Monitoring

Roadway and surface deflections can be accurately monitored at the millimeter level using reflectorless measurements taken by an automated motorized total station. This method is very effective for monitoring of roadways and other inaccessible locations. Data processing filters automatically remove extraneous measurements of vehicles, heavy equipment, and pedestrians - and the remaining surface mesh can then be quickly processed and compared to baseline scans to identify spot, area, and profile deformations. Reflectorless measurements are safe, do not pose a risk to the travelling public, and are a very effective means of reducing the cost and risk of survey in travel ways.

Sound/Noise Monitoring

We offer short-term, long-term, permanent, and semi-permanent noise monitoring services. We provide noise level documentation, compliance verification, and operating condition noise impact analysis. We deploy sound level meters to capture the ambient noise levels of a project site before operations begin, and to record noise levels generated by heavy equipment and project activities in effort to reduce its impacts on the community.

Noise level data that is recorded is processed and presented in reports for a variety of services, including: Noise Impact Analysis, Ambient Sound Surveys, and Code Compliance Surveys. We provide a unique, fully automated service to our clients that includes direct access to data recorded by our network of noise level meters in real time so they can review audio of noises that exceed ordinance limits or project specifications.