We have an uncompromising commitment to safety. Our mission is to promote an accident-free work environment by developing positive safety attitudes throughout the workplace. 

A full-time Risk Manager administers training and inspection programs that cover all aspects of job performance in the field, at the maintenance facility, and in transport operations. It is important for us to provide a safe work environment, and promote safety consciousness. We train our employees to always consider safety first. This training is the vehicle that drives our everyday job performance, with safety as our number one priority.

Safety Compliance

We subscribe to the ISNetworld service for Safety Qualifications Review and Verification Services. We have submitted written safety programs for review and have received 100% verification of compliance to OSHA, and industry standards. We share our clients’ high level of commitment to safety.

Education and Training

A comprehensive Safety Manual governs the performance of our crews. Employees receive safety training specific to their work environment. Additional training is specified for each job description, which may include compliance with Federal Railroad Administration, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules, among others. Superintendents and Field Supervisors are subject to additional training requirements, including First Aid and CPR, PPE assessment, and hazard communication.