Vibranalysis was founded in May of 1986 by President Linda Socquet. 

Working as a premiere consultant, Vibranalysis has provided a wide range of instrumentation and monitoring services to general contractors, construction management companies, engineering firms, building owners, developers, excavators and demolition companies. 

Our extensive range of services span the life of our clients projects. Before construction begins, our instrumentation design services help to identify and mitigate risks related to construction impacts. Our pre-construction inspections and documentation services provide an authoritative record of existing conditions of structures and infrastructure. During construction our team of professionals actively monitor seen and unseen forces and its impacts on structures, utilities, and ground performance. 

Our tools include environmental sensors to monitor noise, vibration, and dust during high impact construction activities. Accelerometers, tilt, liquid levels, and strain sensors to precisely monitor performance of structures in real-time. Geotechnical sensors such as extensometers, inclinometers, settlement plates, piezometers, and erosion probes to assess ground stability - and our data management systems provide transfer, processing, distribution, and presentation of this wide range of information so our clients can take informed action when the situation necessitates.