Awarded Project: NJDEP Landfill Closing

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protections (NJDEP) is closing the state’s last known landfill, located in Kearney, NJ. The contractor, Barbella Construction Services, has enlisted Warren George for drilling and Vibranalysis for geotechnical instrumentation/monitoring.

The remedial closing measures involve a subsurface burial slurry wall, a leachate collection system, and a storm water management system, as well as a landfill cap and landfill gas management system. Barbella Construction Services chose Vibranalysis for our geotechnical expertise and 30-year history of precision monitoring.

Preventing Shear Plane Failures

Vibranalysis will help Barbella contain the landfill by monitoring the impacts of their closing measures. If not properly monitored, various pressures applied to the pile can cause shear plane failures and spread its contents into the surrounding area.

Vibranalysis will install 11 new in-place inclinometers around the toe of the landfill to monitor lateral subsurface deviation. We will also install piezometers to measure groundwater for its potential influence on the soils mechanical properties.

Using our precise data in a centralized data management system, NJ DEP(owner), Louis Berger(Engineer), and Barbella(contractor) will be able to determine early warnings of shear plane failures. This way, they can make changes to their methods as necessary and close the landfill without worrying about impacting the surrounding land.

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